Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Home Made Makeshift Pipes Part 1

Hello my fellow pot heads. So you have a bag that you want to smoke but you have no bowl or papers, what to do? We've all been there. Well this is when a smokers creative abilities get a chance to shine. A pipe can be made out of almost anything, you just need to use your imagination. Unfortunately you're all stoned and you all for get how to build one, much less get motivated to do it. So you've come to right place.

I'm going to outline some very basic pipes you can build at home. If you want to make a bong check out http://420feed.blogspot.com/2007/10/how-to-make-bong.html

First up the Soda can pipe.
1 Soda can
1 earing/safety pin/anything with a small point.
Advantages: Very simple and easy to make
Disadvantages: The small indentation doesn't hold your mix very well, so you need to be very careful while smoking.
What you need is well any kind of can."perferably a soda can" Ok so first you take the tab that you use to open it then turn it backwards and pull up.That should make the whole thing come off withought making it sharp.

Then make a deep indent in oneside of it.And make sure it is about an inch from the other side.~don't bend outher side~Now you need to have a sharp object. This is where it get's tricky. If you're too stoned, don't try this ;) Use something like a needle or an exacto blade or safety pin ( a good one). You really don't want to mess up your mom's (or wife's) kitchen knives. But...use what you can find. You need to make small holes

Make about six wholes in the middle of the indent and make then about a centameter apart (that's a bout a third of an inch). For you guys out there, ask a girl how big an inch is, your idea of it is probably 3 times to big. ;)

Now on the side without the indent, take your safety knife and cut a small hole near the end of the can. You can also cut the hole on the bottom of the can. The Hole should be about 3 centimeters (1 inch). You will use this as your carburetor. You may want to start witha small hole and work you way up to 3 centimeters.

Now hold it on it's side (indent side up) place your mix in the indent and light up!

Good luck and save me a hit!


GovernmentForHire said...

if you don't have anythin sharp, you can snap the tab from the can in half with your teeth.

it usually works pretty well.

John said...

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